Blog / Brave


Many people preach about being brave. I have often found that having bravery is only a virtue I look back and find in my life. I do think that we can wake up and ask for grace for all that He has for us. For me, being brave means following the grace on my life. Being brave means saying “yes” daily. It looks different for every person.

People have told me, “Shay, you’re so brave to do what you do.” I chuckle, thinking to myself, “I understand where you’re coming from, but I must explain my heart.

You see my life as brave, but I look at a mother that stays home with children as “brave”. See, it’s not what we do that makes us brave; it’s the “yes” we say to the life He has for us. Today, respond to the grace in front of you by saying yes. It maybe traversing the globe or it may be going to school or work and loving on those around you. It could be simply having a good attitude toward someone who has the worst attitude. We are people that simply must say yes to His ways and heart for others; that is what it means to be brave.